Hi! My name is Laura, and on 9th June 2015 I’m setting off on a 5,000 mile cycle along the route of the historic Iron Curtain.

On this blog you will be able to track my progress, leave me comments and hear about my triumphs and misadventures as I battle the the road, the elements, and my own body through 20 countries spanning Europe over 5 months.

You’ll also be able to make donations to two fantastic charities – if what I’m doing inspires you to give or if you just feel like donating to a great cause!

I’m hugely excited and have done months of preparations, but I still can’t hope to know everything that I’m going to experience on this trip. All I can do is jump in and hope I grow fast enough to meet the challenge!

My proposed route starting in Grense Jakobselv in Norther Norway and ending on the Bulgarian-Turkish border at the Black Sea.

My proposed route!

14 thoughts on “Home

  1. We’ll be rooting for you here, Laura. I hope you have lots of fun and enough challenges to keep things interesting! Enjoy.


  2. This challenge is totally amazing! I am not at all surprised that you are pushing yourself to do this – the norm was never enough for you! Good luck and I will follow your adventure with great interest and admiration!

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  3. Glad you’re finally on your way. Look forward to more updates. Please don’t forget to tap if you can if your feeling pain. Use the phrase I telease and let go. whenever you’re in a Wi-Fi area maybe go and have a look at and tapping videos there are a ton on YouTube. Search faster eft. Thanks sokuch for the card too. Big hug to u! M


  4. It was amazing seein you pan gold in Tankavaara! Hearing your story was truly inspiring. Hope that you have the best trip of your lifetime!



  5. Hi Laura-loo – so great to finally read your blog (your mum – technical woman that she is – helped me) (well – David did most of it) So lovely to read how you are doing and so pleased you got your wheel and coped with the change of plan – (always difficult.) And the friendly family reminded me of Kate Aidie’s book ‘Kindness of strangers.. people can be SO amazingly kind.
    Have had such fun choosing our 10 favourite songs for you! Cat, Dan and Bex came to Wimbledon with us on Monday and we sat in the queue racking our brains and humming tunefully( to the obvious delight of many others in the queue!!). I’ve just now been sitting at your house watching tennis on TV and re listening/refining my choices today!! Painful!! All getting ready for Paul and Mayah’s wedding – Henry and David have been doing things to canvas and pegs in the garden.

    LOTS of love and thinking of you,
    Jaz xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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